A solution for NYC Dept of Buildings 311 complaints and avoid DOB ECB DOT violations


Q. What information do you need to set up an alert?
A. Once you've registered with DOB Alerts for our services, simply enter the property addresses into your account. We'll monitor the jobsite and alert you to any complaints.

Q. How do you send alerts? What does the alert tell me?
A. All alerts are sent via phone texts and email messages, detailing the exact complaint that was registered, along with the priority level assigned to the complaint by New York City's Building Department. This way, you'll know how quickly you need to respond.

Q. How many people can receive alerts?
A. As the master account holder, you'll receive all notifications for all of your properties. You can also designate four additional individuals for each property, such as the foreman or manager, to receive related notifications.

Q. How often does DOB Alerts check my jobsite for complaints?
A. Approximately every hour.

Q. How soon do you start tracking my property for complaints?
A. Immediately! As soon as you add a property - we're on alert!

Q. How do the fees work?
A. The service fee is charged for each calendar month of the year. For example, if you sign up at any point in January, you will be charged the entire fee for that month.

Q. Can I upgrade my account to include more properties in the middle of the month? When will my bill reflect the new charges?
A. Sure, you can upgrade your plan at any time. Simply choose the plan you'd like and then input the additional property addresses. You will be charged the difference between the old and new plan at the time of upgrade. The entire new fee will be charged the next month.

Q. What if I want to downgrade my account to fewer addresses in the middle of a month?
A. We are happy to accommodate all your requests, however once you have used our services for even part of the month, we can not credit your account for that month of service. The lower fee will be reflected in the next month's statement.

Q. I'd like to sign up for your services, but it's the end of the month. Will I get charged for the full month?
A. Yes, we charge for the full calendar month of the day you sign up. Each day that you receive our valuable services can save you time, money, and keep your project trouble-free.

Q. Is there a way for me to view a record of my complaint history?
A. Yes, log into your account on to view your property's complaint history. Simply click on the property address and all registered complaints on the property will appear (including the ones that were made before you were a DOB Alerts customer). This wonderful service allows you to review and qualify all complaints in an organized, clear fashion, so that you can handle the problem and resume work on your project.

Q. What if I receive an alert after a NYC inspector arrives?
A. DOB Alerts does not prevent the inspection; we merely notify you as soon as possible to the registered complaint. In high priority cases, inspectors may show up to evaluate your property before DOB Alerts has the opportunity to notify you.

Privacy Policy:
DOB Alerts respects your privacy. We do not sell, rent, loan, or transfer any personal information regarding our customers to any unrelated third parties.